Can’t sleep!

Hard to believe given my lengthy posts, but this is a short one.  Tonight’s the night before the start of the main course.  A lot of students refer to it as Makers Eve.  Why? It was like Christmas eve – I couldn’t sleep!


I was too excited/nervous about starting.  I hadn’t been a full time student at a college campus for nearly 5 years (I graduated uni in 2010 and the College of Law in 2011).

I guess my thoughts were:

  1. How would I feel about being a full time student at a college campus and unemployed?
  2. Would I start to fret about my lack of income?
  3. Would I panic about not having any concrete job offers lined up immediately after Makers Academy, whether tech, law or otherwise?
  4. How would I cope with pair programming each day (I’m naturally very independent and being a lawyer wasn’t exactly the most collaborative experience!)?
  5. What would my cohort be like? Would I get on with them?
  6. How crazy intense is it going to be?

And so on… I was also super excited about getting stuck in, meeting my cohort and simply getting coding.

Thanks mum 🙂

Luckily my mum kept reminding me to sharpen all of my pencils and organise my pencil case so I think I’ll be alright.

I guess in 24 hours I’ll find out!