My last day and some time out

15 April 2016 was my last day at the firm.  After a surprisingly emotional goodbye presentation I was on my way to Heathrow for a 12 day trip to Nepal, visiting Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan with my girlfriend.


We had a great time despite one bout of food poisoning so severe my girlfriend became temporarily and partially paralysed (a story for another time – don’t worry she is fine!) and being charged by a mother rhino and her calf whilst on a walking safari in the jungle.


PreCourse Launch

Toward the end of the trip it was the Makers Academy PreCourse launch night.  Unfortunately I wasn’t due back from Nepal until two days after.  No matter, the team at Makers Academy had it covered: the launch night was to be livecast via Google Hangouts.

Despite the 4 hour 45 minute time difference I attempted to tune in from Chitwan National Park on my hotel’s sketchy wi-fi.  I think that made it around 11:45 pm Nepal time.


Sadly my hotel’s wi-fi wasn’t up to the job and I couldn’t successfully connect to the Google Hangout so I missed the launch! Luckily it was also recorded and disseminated to us via email the next day, together with the slidedeck from the accompanying PPT.

What was covered at the pre-launch

The pre-launch covered the expectations for the course (both the main course and the PreCourse), the intensity and ethos.

Particular emphasis was given to hard work but also to work/life balance and making sure you don’t burnout and go insane constantly comparing yourself to your peers.  The latter point was stressed as very important given that the course admits a variety of students with different levels of existing experience of coding.

Overall it left me pumped to start the course and to meet my cohort! I can’t wait to get back and get stuck in.


Stuck in Delhi

My trip back from Kathmandu to London wasn’t smooth sailing.  We arrived early at Kathmandu airport at 7am for our 9:50am flight.  Having passed through security and sat in the departure terminal the clock ticked round and round until it edged closer to 10am, still without any announcement whatsoever regarding our flight other than to “go to security”.

Eventually some reps from our airline appeared at the desk.  By this time our flight should have already taken off so they were soon bombarded by a herd of angry and anxious passengers.

Turned out our plane was still stuck on the tarmac at Delhi.  The staff weren’t particularly helpful and even suggested the flight would be taking off from Kathmandu at 10:30am.   That was nonsense: the Delhi to Kathmandu flight our plane needed to make to get to Kathmandu to pick us up takes 1 hour 45 mins one way, so unless it was a Concorde it wasn’t arriving into Kathmandu in 30 mins!

Finally after a succession of further delays we boarded and took off from Kathmandu at 2:50pm.  Sadly that meant we missed out next flight from Delhi to London, despite being told that flight would be held back in Delhi so we could catch it.  After a lot of misinformation and confusion due to the efforts of the airline staff, around 50 of us from the Kathmandu flight were put up in the Delhi Airport Holiday Inn for the night by the airline.

Thankfully we were all given free tickets to the same flight the next day, which we caught without issue.